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A tailored course for candidates aiming to work in Hong Kong, especially on the Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) scheme. Combines accredited online training with a kindergarten/primary learner specialization in addition to a flexible in-class teaching programme you can complete locally from any location.

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This course consists of 3 components which cover the following areas in detail:

70 hour online interactive Level 2 TESOL course comprising 20 modules of interactive content, full tutorial support, 24/7 access and the option of an accredited ACTDEC certificate. 

20 hour online Kindergarten and Primary Learner course that is new for 2018, taking you through a range of scenarios for teaching English to this age group, including topic-based lessons and interactive apps and websites to inspire your teaching. Full tutorial support, marking and feedback on your work. PDF and word materials

10 hour flexible teaching practice to satisfy the requirements of the HK NET scheme. For this, you'll either be working already or can volunteer at a local school for teaching practice, which we certify. Your teaching practice can consist of any in-class help you give; from assisting a lead teacher to observing classes, as long as you lead an English language class for at least 6 hours and are observed by an experienced teacher. See more on TP criteria and ideas on how to find schools where you can gain your teaching practice here.  This programme is flexible and you can increase the number of teaching hours if you wish.  
A 70 hour online TESOL course, independently accredited by ACTDEC, with a 20 hour kindergarten and primary learners component and 10 hours of teaching practice/in class observation.
Module Module title Section Section title Suggested Time (hrs)
CI Course introduction Part 1 1 Getting Started 0.5
1 Introduction to TEFL/TESOL 1 Thinking about teaching 1.5
2 Why Learn English? 1 Reasons for Learning English 2.0
3 Classroom Management 1 1 Your Classroom 1.5
3 Classroom Management 1 2 Classroom Planning 2.0
4 Classroom Management 2 1 Engagement Activities 1.5
4 Classroom Management 2 2 Pair Work 1.5
4 Classroom Management 2 3 Groupwork 1.5
4 Classroom Management 2 4 Classroom Discipline 1.5
5 Classroom Management 3 1 L2 Spoken Correction 2.0
5 Classroom Management 3 2 L2 Classroom Sensitivity 1.0
6 Materials and Levels 1 Student Levels 1.5
6 Materials and Levels 2 Choosing Materials 2.0
6 Materials and Levels 3 Course Books and Online Materials 2.0
7 Lesson Planning 1 Lesson Planning - Stages 2.0
7 Lesson Planning 2 Lesson Plan Sample 2.0
8 Basic Skills - Reading 1 Materials and Pre-teaching 2.0
8 Basic Skills - Reading 2 Presentation, Study, Practice 2.0
9 Basic Skills - Writing 1 Teaching Writing 2.0
10 Basic Skills - Listening 1 Teaching Listening 2.0
10 Basic Skills - Listening 2 Listening Lesson Ideas 2.0
11 Basic Skills: Speaking 1 Speaking in English 2.0
11 Basic Skills: Speaking 2 Pronunciation 2.0
LP Level 2 Lesson Plan 1 Plan for a speaking lesson 5.0
12 Getting Started with Grammar 1 English Basics 1 1.0
12 Getting Started with Grammar 2 English Basics 2 1.5
13 Grammar 1 - Present Tense 1 Present Simple 2.0
13 Grammar 1 - Present Tense 2 Present Continuous 1.5
14 Grammar 2 - Past Tense 1 Past Simple 2.0
14 Grammar 2 - Past Tense 2 Past Continuous 2.0
15 Grammar 3 - Auxiliary Verbs 1 Do, Does and Did 1.0
16 Grammar 4 - Future 1 The Future Part 1 2.0
16 Grammar 4 - Future 2 The Future Part 2 2.5
17 Vocabulary 1 Approaches to Vocab Lessons 3.0
18 Classroom Confidence 1 Getting Ready to Teach 2.0
19 The World of EFL 1 Teaching Around the World 3.0
19 The World of EFL 2 Getting your First Job 1.0
CC Course conclusion 1 Certification and Survey 0.5
CI2 Course introduction TEKPL 1 Before You Start 1.0
1 Module 1 TEKPL 1 An Introduction to TEKPL 1.0
1 Module 1 TEKPL 2 Motivating Young Learners  2.0
1 Module 1 TEKPL 3 Teaching EYL – Getting Started 1.0
1 Module 1 TEKPL 4 Managing Resources 1: Course Books & Materials 3.0
1 Module 1 TEKPL 5 Managing Resources 2: Using Topics & Apps 2.0
2 Module 2 TEKPL 1  Characteristics of a Young Learner 1.5
2 Module 2 TEKPL 2 Classroom Management - Discipline 1.5
2 Module 2 TEKPL 3 Teaching Young Learners with Minimal Resources 2.5
2 Module 2 TEKPL 4 Gaining Confidence with Young Learners 0.5
2 Module 2 TEKPL 5 Professional Development 0.5
2 Module 2 TEKPL 6 Lesson Plan 2.5
2 Module 2 TEKPL 7 Tutor Feedback Review 1.0
TP Teaching Practice TP Leading, Assisting and Observing a Class 10.0

Please Note: Your teaching practice documentation and a further two modules on teaching English to kindergarten and primary learners are added to your course once you have enrolled.

This Interactive TESOL course is accredited by ACTDEC.

ACTDEC is the Accreditation Council for TESOL Distance Education Courses, a non-profit that is responsible for maintaining professional standards in TESOL distance programmes. ACTDEC is an independent body whose function is to provide frameworks and accreditation structures for providers of ELT teacher training through online or blended provision. This mission is motivated by recognition of the need for such globally available provision to be measured and monitored for the benefit of course providers, employers and students. All ACTDEC accredited courses are regularly audited to ensure that quality expectations are being met.

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Just wanted to let you know that the course I took was accepted by the NET program here in Hong Kong. Many thanks!
- Guy B
Great clarity: the reader knows what is being presented, why, and what is expected from them, and where they are in relation to everything else in the course - clear well-thought out progression

The course contains super visual reinforcement of concepts through YouTube videos that are normally real 'live' teaching situations. There is continual encouragement for 'Further Research' for those wishing to go a bit deeper / build up their teaching material/examples, as well as many original teaching
- Ian Marvin

Global English has been training people to teach English since 1996 and are one of the UK’s most established, online TESOL providers.  

GLOBAL ENGLISH:  We’re proud of our online TESOL accreditation and of how we have helped thousands of people from all walks of life get started on their English teaching careers. Our innovative courses, whether it’s our most advanced 250 hr level 5 or a TESOL with specialism, are designed to help you stand out from the crowd.  Our message is: don’t settle for a generic TESOL; choose an externally accredited course from a reputable provider which offers you that extra ‘edge’ in employment. We’ve trained teachers from all corners of the world, from Mongolia to Mexico and Norway to the New Zealand!  Plus, since we have been around so long, we’ve got the TESOL job contacts and resume know-how to help you get where you want to go.  We’d love to help you get started too. 

It only takes a couple of minutes to purchase this course and complete the enrollment process. Here's how it works.

1.  Click the ENROLL NOW button on this page then click the CHECKOUT button on the following page.

2.  Enter your details > create a password > click CREATE ACCOUNT.

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And that's it!  You'll receive your course login instructions shortly after placing the order. At which point you'll be able to access the Global English student area, download course modules and message your personal tutor.

NOTE:  You can upload each completed module via your student area and receive full marking and feedback from your tutor. There is no final exam; you are graded on your marks across the modules.

Throughout the course you’ll be able to access live teaching segments, podcasts, view latest TESOL jobs via their jobs feed and links to some of the top EFL material on the web to keep you interested & motivated.


Your 10 hour Teaching Practice can consist of any in-class help you give; from assisting a lead teacher to observing classes, as long as you lead a class for at least 6 hours.

Time log form – completed by you and signed by the sponsoring institution confirming your completion of 20 hours in-class time. 6 hours must be you leading a class teaching English. The remaining hours can consist of being a class assistant or observing a class (minimum of 2 students per class). Please note, home tutoring 1-1 cannot be included in this class since it is vital for the integrity of the programme that your TP experience is verifiable by a 3rd party.

Self-evaluation form - submit a guided reflection on a lesson you have delivered. You will be assigned a Global English personal tutor for advice, guidance and who will also mark your self-evaluation.

Where can I get teaching practice?

It is important that your teaching practice is classroom based and can be verified by a 3rd party ‘host’ of some description for the validity of your certificate. This is why tutoring 1-1 privately/online does not count towards TP under this scheme.

There is a huge demand to learn English and in most locations worldwide there are numerous opportunities to teach English in the paid or voluntary sector.

The documentation we need your sponsoring organization to provide for us is not onerous! Essentially, they will just need to allow you to help out (and allow you to lead a class for 6 hours of observed TP) and sign to verify your participation. 

Organizations offering TP options:

  - Local Language Schools & Academies
  - Faith-based organizations (churches, temples and ‘international cafes’)
  - Community Centers
  - Libraries & Community Colleges
  - Local Government Offices (many offer language classes to immigrants)
  - Current Job (if you're involved with teaching)

This course is displayed and sold in USD. Your local currency price is displayed in addition to the USD sale price for reference purposes only. There are no additional fees, the displayed price includes all required course materials.  The course fee must be paid in full before receiving course access and instructions.
There is a 14 day refund guarantee for this course, provided no course assignments were submitted for marking or grading. Students who have already submitted completed assignments for marking or grading will not be eligible for a refund.  If you would like to apply for a refund please write to us by email and your refund will be issued as soon as possible (within 15 business days).
TEFL Source is not the Course Provider; we work in partnership with the Course Provider as an authorized reseller of this certification course. TEFL Source does not rebrand or alter course specifics or particulars in any way. All courses displayed and sold on this website are ‘one and the same’ as the respective courses that are sold and displayed on the Course Provider’s website. 
Some of the personal information you submit during the payment and registration process will be shared with the respective Course Provider. The information we share is necessary for enrollment purposes. We do not share, sell or otherwise transfer your personally identifiable information to any outside parties other than the Course Provider that’s responsible for administering the Course you purchased. Information that is shared with your respective Course Provider includes your name, address, phone number and email. Under no circumstances are your credit card details shared with the Course Provider.  Please visit our ‘Privacy Policy’ page to learn how personal information is collected and protected.
Please visit our Terms & Conditions page ( for complete policy information.

Course FAQ'S

Global English

No. You can enroll and begin this course at any time.

No. All course materials are included in the displayed enrollment price.

Yes. You must have citizenship from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

No. This course was designed for teaching English in Hong Kong NET Scheme which only hires native English speaking candidates.

Yes. Having previous teaching experience is not a prerequisite for this course.

No. Having a bachelor’s degree from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, NZ or SA is mandatory for securing employment in Hong Kong. Furthermore, the NET Scheme generally requires candidates to a TEFL qualification in addition to having one of the following sets of credentials:
1) Bachelors degree (any major) plus a valid teaching license or PGCE.
2) English major with 1 year of English teaching experience.
3) Bachelors of education with an English major.

6-10 weeks.

You have 6 months to complete the course. This includes the online portion plus the 10 hours of teaching practice.

You are graded by continuous assessment. Your marks are added up as you proceed through the course and there are more marks for the latter modules, so you have the chance to make up any marks you may have missed out on in the earlier ones. You need to get 50% for a Pass, roughly 67% for a B grade (ACTDEC Pass with Merit) and 83% for an A grade (ACTDEC Pass with Distinction). You’ll receive individual comments on all of your completed sections.

You can expect to receive the certificate 2-3 working days after your final assignment has been submitted for grading and assessment. There is a small fee for a hardcopy of the TEFL certificate. Requesting a hardcopy is completely optional and you will automatically receive an electronic copy for free. Note: Electronic TEFL / TESOL certificates are widely accepted by most overseas schools and employers.

Yes. Global English provides job advice, personal CV assistance, information from people who are currently teaching in Hong Kong and contacts for experiences NET recruiting agencies. They will also let you know when schools contact them looking for graduates through their regular magazine E-Global.

The NET Scheme accepts applications twice per year for the start of each semester. You can apply to the NET Scheme during any application intake period. Note: Having TEFL is mandatory for qualifying for NET, however, you can still apply before you complete the TEFL certification under the condition you provide proof of enrollment and a copy of your certification prior to entering Hong Kong. Global English can provide enrollment verification letters if requested.


  • Don't believe all the hype that's associated with CELTA and Trinity certification courses. My friend spent £2000 on his CELTA course while I spent $400 on a hybrid TEFL course, which was mostly online but included 20 hours of teaching practice, and we both have the same salary, benefits and working conditions in Japan! I'm quite satisfied with the deal I found on TEFL Source, definitely worth a look if you're planning on getting certified.S. Hyeong
  • Highly recommend using TEFL Source if you want to get certified to teach English as a foreign language. I'm currently travelling in SE Asia so I wanted a course that I could work on from my ipad. TEFL Source had lots of great options and the prices were more competitive than other places I looked. I can't wait to start teaching now!Jon Sobolewski
  • So far so good! Enrolled in a 120hr course last week and already completed the first 2 modules. Kudos to the TEFL Source staff for walking me through the different options and taking the time to explain what I needed, and what I didn't for that matter, in order to teach over in Korea.Rhea Csergei
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